Ananias 1.19 released!

Version 1.19 has been released! PLAY ONLINE and CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN!

WARNING: Saved games from previous versions are not supported and will cause funny behavior. Please die :).

New features!

  • Use the Ring of Charman to turn enemies into forever friends!
  • Monster skill points and command to use special skills
  • Damage bonuses by weapon type vs enemy material
  • Monsters effects on other monsters
  • Add fake perspective to levels
  • Change tile colors for better contrast
  • Low hitpoints warning
  • Buff bows!
  • Nerf Draconian Wizard
  • Tooltips for buttons
  • Prompt for fullscreen mode on desktop
Lair is bloody
Lair is bloody
The Charman Ring
The Charman Ring
Satyr as a pet
Satyr as a pet

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