Ananias 1.20 released and it’s awesome!

Lot’s of work went into this one! PLAY ONLINE! Scroll down for details.

New Title Screen
New Title Screen
Healing Pond
Healing Pond
Flipping around
Flipping around
Pet Stats
Pet Stats

Some important news:

  • The campaign has stalled again at 20% with about 1 week left (NOOOO!), help us revitalize it by sharing with your friends and contributing!  This is what we are aiming to, music-wise (check it out, it’s awesome)
  • We are on IndieDB now! vote for Ananias so that more people gets to know about it!
  • Diet Ardee continues his Let’s Play with v1.19, exploring the different types of monster pets.
  • Denzi and I continue working hard on the art and code side.
  • Expect some exciting news on the Music part soon! but we need more funds!

Now for the changes:

New Features:

  • Healing Ponds – Explore the levels and you might find these one time wonders that replenish your hitpoints
  • Stand by command – Order your pet monster to stay where he is
  • Allow passing turn and moving around in safe rooms

User Interface:

  • Flip sprites based on where they face
  • Locate monster sprites slightly offset to give a better impression of depth
  • Add title screen menu
  • Enhanced monster descriptions
  • Show player strength and pet stats
  • Changes on save/restore flow
  • Relocate location intro images
  • Center inspector title and icon and change title color


  • Nerf weapon bonus, Buff weapon malus
  • Nerf healing upgrades
  • Nerf skill point upgrades
  • Change starting level for Jackals and Fairies
  • Fix guard item AI for both enemies and pets
  • Add more bone and ether enemies
  • Make ranged attacks require skill points, make guardians attack ranged enemies
  • Add skill points to archers
  • Buff some early monsters skill points
  • Add entrap to demonspawns


  • Prevent archers from attacking covered by player
  • Prevent warping into other monsters
  • Prevent pets from warping while on defend command

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