Ananias 1.37 – Dark Lagoon, New Weapon Scrolls

Play online, or download for Android.

  • Fight the 1 Star Reviews: We currently have a lot of 1 star reviews on the Play Store, this may be caused by the game not running in some devices… It would be really helpful if you could test if it runs in your device, and report back if it doesn’t!
  • Let’s increase the average rating: Paired with the former point, if you like the game be sure to rate it accordingly on the play store!
  • Upcoming: Getting closer to the premium version with its web backend, as well as the iPhone version.
  • Stories: Send them to me and I’ll post them at the communitary Stories blog
  • New crowdfunding campaign possibly coming: So we can complete the OST and include even more fun content. This will only happen after the successful release of v2.0 and the fulfillment of all perks from the previous campaign. More info soon.

And now, the list of changes for v1.27

Dark Lagoon
Dark Lagoon
Bigger Caverns
Bigger Caverns
Arrows Quiver
Arrows Quiver

Level Generation

  • Caverns now are bigger and its rooms stick together
  • Underground Lagoon now looks like an underground lagoon
  • Increase branching

User Interface

  • Added pathfinding for quick movement, using Pathfinding.js
  • Highlight current room on minimap
  • Lots of other small tweaks

New Items:

  • Bandage: stops bleeding
  • Arrows Quiver: used to reload bows
  • Repair Blade and Repair Blunt scrolls: replacing individual weapon enchantments.
  • Repair Weapon scrolls: works with any melee weapon, recovering 50% of its usages

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