Ananias Roguelike 1.40 released

Play online, or download for Android.

Autosort Inventory
Autosort Inventory

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  • Auto-sort items on inventory
  • Weaken enemy attacks
  • Increase number of restore HP spells
  • Increase initial carry capacity
  • Change puppy and kitten to Wolf and Lynx, and strengthen them.
  • Disable set auto attack for pet on first level up.
  • Only flip sprite if moved
  • Enhance mapping for wall-less levels
  • Prevent leaving a room while paralyzed

2 thoughts on “Ananias Roguelike 1.40 released

  1. Hello, i think your game is very cool. but hear some things of a player who loves it

    Since the last updates the game has turned very easy
    With scrolls update, you have killed the Alchemist and is nonsense to use it anymore.
    Removing the monster herb and the Lamp of Meldokios is a big mistake because i think the alchemist is like a char who has nothing of special
    there is so many Full HP scrolls… this makes the game more easy :/
    we, the casual players, are looking for some difficult rogue-like game and this game have a lot of things we like…. but is so easy to beat now :/

    i prefer very much the natural monster herbs(full monster hp), the potions (20hp) and the miracle potions (full hp)

    i hope this helps

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