Ananias Roguelike 1.47 released, throw explosive potions and cast deadly spells on your enemies

Nobody in Cisneros knows for certain who was Ananias… some people says he was a saint who defied the gods becoming so wise and gaining so much power that they killed him to prevent other mortals from following his path. Some others says he was a wealthy lord who lived thousands of years ago and brought culture into the wildlings. All I know for certain is that there’s a place deep in the mountain, the ancient tomb of Ananias – for years people have kept it shrouded in mystery; many brave men have dared explore it, never to come back alive… and that’s the very place I am heading to right now, following vague stories written in ages-old tomes, seeking the power to defeat the evil that has came into our world.

Happy holidays, saviors of Cisneros. Here comes another version full of awesomeness for you to enjoy responsibly!

Play online, or download for Android.

Check out a gameplay vid!

  • Arcane users can now unleash destruction with 10 new offensive spells: Pyr Ran, Pyr Wos, Pyr Won, Pyr Spak, Jan Spak, Ram Jan Spak, Jan Wos, Krak Won, Krak Bom and Grav Bom. Beware, these spells may backfire for non-magic experts!
  • Additionally, non offensive spells can now be cast on other monsters (Rando Melon, Kam Mel, Ram Mox Mani and others)
  • Allow throwing potions at enemies, some of them will explode and cause damage depending on how full they are.
  • Added 8 new monsters in three new evolutionary branches for non starting monsters.
  • Big tweaks on items distribution
  • Reduced bow capacity and arrow pack size
  • Added noScale=true URL param to disable scaling for videos and screenshots

Scary Bloody Eye Throwing a potion Lighting Bolt Dangerous Spells


Here’s the account of the projects that were worked on 2014, the first year after the destruction of the second Slashware Fortress.


January saw some short development for the still very alpha PX2 engine; it remained inactive through the remaining of the year, although the Pixal spritework ended up being used on another projects.


Not much was produced on February, however knowledge was gained on and Object Orientedish JavaScript for game development, which would prove useful through the year. And yes, a Flappy Bird clone was created.


As with every year, development was revitalized with the yearly 7DRL challenge. March saw the development “The Tablet of Ananias”, a HTML5 game in which I focused on accessibility for tablets and smartphones, much more would happen with it afterwards. There was also some incomplete work on ArcherFire, trying to simplify it and make it a more streamlined experience.


Two projects were started on April: and the DND1 remake, which was an entry for a programming challenge. was a JQueryMobile + JSP app for the world cup, which in the end failed to acquire a big user base, but was a good exercise on designing UI for mobile screens.

The DND1 remake was also a good exercise… on patience! it was about porting an ancient BASIC game into JavaScript. The most fun part was maybe creating JSTTY, a library to simulate the display of teletype games which I released as open source. I ended up as a runner up of the programming contest with DND1; the contest’s rules were not very clear and I think I was closer to the original game than the winner (which I thought was the main criteria, being as close to the original as possible without adding new features), however the biggest prize was being able to interact a bit with Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima Series.


May was a mixed bag: DNDX, an enhanced version of DND1, was created just for fun, and more features were added to But more importantly, the development of The Tablet of Ananias was resumed, and it’s name changed to just Ananias. Work made on this month would eventually allow the game to continue evolving.


In June, the first crowdfunding campaign for Ananias was launched, and a lot of work was done on the game. The campaign would eventually fail, but it increased the reach for the game and allowed obtaining lots of useful feedback for the continued development. The cleanup of ArcherFire continued through this month as well.


The second crowdfunding campaign for Ananias was launched in July. Under it’s umbrella development continued fiercely, CircularJS was also created as a result of the need to serialize the game data for saving games. It’s a small open source javascript library which can be used to serialize and deserialize cyclic javascript object networks.


Development of Ananias continued in August after collecting the results for the second crowdfunding campaign; the goal was not met but the partial funds were helpful to pay the artists (musician and pixel artist) for their efforts. The development of Britannian Underworld was also started by Exodus Destiny, and some work was made on level design as well as organizing the art pack.


September was basically huge amounts of work on Ananias; It was also the month with the biggest % growth on active user base on Android after it became public, jumping from 474 to 2572. Sadly, Britannian Underworld’s development was frozen due to not having a pixel artist to draw animated sprites for the monsters.


In October, Ananias hit the 10.000 downloads mark on Google Play, and heavy work continued on it. Some painful infrastructure changes were also made, having Slashware Interactive become my brand for finished games and Slashware Software Solutions grouping my currently dormant business software efforts. became the cool kid with the long list of projects and this blog. Some artists from were also contacted, hoping to revitalize the development of Britannian Underworld.


Ananias continued growing in November, hitting the 20.000 downloads mark and gaining new features that made it a more complete experience. For Britannian Underworld, the design for the first level was mapped into the engine.

Closing the year in December, more work on Ananias and the beginning of a new project: Lune, of which not much has been disclosed but which is being worked together with Exodus Destiny and Oryx, hoping to bring some cool oldskool fun. There was also some work done on a IRC bot for story telling along with some friends at work, namely the slashbot.

Ananias Roguelike 1.46 Released, alchemy and magic for all

Play online, or download for Android.

  • All classes can now use alchemy (But beware deadly explosions!)
  • All classes can now use magic wands, albeit with reduced strength.
  • Alchemist’s weapon now sometimes double shots causing 2x damage.
  • New graphics for alchemist and arcane
  • Increase integrity of found items
  • Increase chance for extra upgrades
  • Show upgrade descriptions
New graphics for Alchemist
New graphics for Alchemist
New graphics for Alchemist and Arcane
New graphics for Alchemist and Arcane

Flaco, the Alchemist

Penumbra was a powerful mage and seer of gypsy descent. She lived in Moonglow for over two hundred years – living the transition between the Age of Enlightenment and the Age of Armageddon in Britannia.

One of her lesser known traits was that she was also a great artist; deep within her household, in a magically locked chamber, she kept hundreds of art pieces made over the years.. fragments of time frozen over canvas.

One such piece of art was the portrait of a man on weird garment, probably a visitor from another dimension. On his hands he held strange apparatuses never again seen in the lands of Britannia.

Flaco, the Alchemist

Some years after I found the hidden chamber, while delving deep within the library at the Lycaeum, I found some scrolls that belonged to Penumbra. Observations about meteorite showers, drawings of people with fish-shaped hats, even bread recipes; along with that, a short account of someone who could very well be the person depicted in the painting.

He told me that when he was a boy, they called him ‘Flaco‘, skinny. The other kids didn’t mean anything bad by it, but he always felt it hinted ‘weak’. ‘Rickety’, ‘Flimsy’.

He once went to his father. “Papa, I don’t want to be skinny!” His father said, “Bah. God made you this way. You’re healthy. What more do you want?” But Flaco kept complaining.

His father said, “I’ll ask the blacksmith if he will take an apprentice.” Papa paid the smith eighty-two silvers and Flaco went to work for him.

After only three days, his body hurt all over. His legs ached from hauling buckets of water from the well for the quenching trough. He held the tongs while the smith hammered, and his arms ached. He pumped the bellows, and his back ached. He wanted to go home so bad. But “done is done”- the Prentice Contract must be fulfilled. Two more years to go!

Some months had passed; Iosef, the blacksmith, poured a strange liquid onto the polished breastplate, destined for some noble. Fumes came, like smoke, and wherever the beeswax was etched, it ate into the steel. The slender apprentice watched, eyes wide, fascinated. Iosef said, “There it is, boy. The only thing that metal must respect. Even silver, even gold. Aqua Regia.”

All the youth could think was, ‘then I must have this power in my hands, too.’ He asked the smith, “Where did it come from?”

“Deep in the earth,” said Iosef. “They say it’s the breath of the dragon who lives at the bottom of the sea.” He smiled through a spark-chewed beard. “But I get it from the old Apothecarist. Nona Tilda, she’s called.”

When the contract was finished– Flaco was still as skinny as ever. But he was also much stronger… and he had learned to make things. Useful things. Beautiful things. And he had tamed a new friend: fire.

“I’ve come to learn how to make Aqua Regia,” the youth announced.

Nona Tilda (whose village titles ranged from ‘Meddling Crone’ to ‘Angel of Healing’) looked at Flaco with open skepticism. She said, “That’s the last, not the first, of the products of my art. The first is a salve for burns.” He knew of these; the blacksmith always had it in plenty.

“I’ve finished working for Iosef. I can work for you now. Sweeping up. Bringing you reagents from the city.”

“Oh, can you now?” Tilda wiped her hands on her apron, which was made of some kind of scaled red leather. “Iosef does speak well of you. I can take you– on but this is a journey of five years. And many oaths go with it.”

Oaths? This was new. Oaths were for knights and brides. What did they have to do with apothecarists? Flaco said seriously, “What oaths?”

“Part of what I teach is the ‘healing’ arts. To know how to heal, is to know how to harm. I am sworn to do no harm to good people. And there are secrets I am sworn not to divulge to those outside the craft.”

The young man nodded impatiently. “Every craft has its secrets.” The lore of healing– and the knowledge of poisons. Men paid good coin for such things. This was looking better every minute. “Teach me. Please.”

“Come and learn, then.” She led him into her workshop, up very steep wooden steps, to the upper part of the stone shop. “Where,” said Nona Tilda, “do you guess this all begins…?”

“Memorizing the formulas? Gathering roots and herbs? Crushing the salts?”

“No, my boy.” She took the bottle of something pinkish and poured a little into a quartz bowl. Then she took a small wooden stirrer from a box of them. She stirred the liquid. The end of the stirrer promptly dissolved. She held it up to show him. Then she picked up a cloth bag. “It begins with this.” She handed it to him.

Flaco opened the bag carefully. Cautiously, he sniffed it. “Sand?”

The elderly woman nodded and said, “Ordinary sand.” There was a device of metal, with a flue above and a firepit underneath it. “Make a fire there,” she directed.

With ease, Flaco struck flint to tinder, kindled a flame, led it from the twigs to the charcoal. The bottom of the apparatus began to glow from the heat. Nona Tilda directed him to stand well back. She put on goggles and poured the sand into a funnel at the top. It melted.

The lady moved it away from the flames. When the lady opened a spout, it came out slowly, forming a perfectly straight stream. A stick of glass. With gloves, she broke it into segments, and, with tongs, held the tips in the heat so they would round off again. .

Then she showed Flaco some of the glass flasks she had made, with bulbous ends and slim necks for corking. Some of them were colorful. Some were the size of his head. He asked, “These are beautiful. How…?”

“There’s wonderful gimmicks to it,” said Nona Tilda. “Oils, mineral salts, precious resins, and so on.”

Flaco said, “Will you show me this, too?”

The Apothecarist nodded. “But there’s a serious oath that comes first.”

Wary, Flaco said, “And that is…?”

Nona Tilda held up a finger. “‘I shall always wear eye protection when working with hazardous materials.'” Flaco grinned, relieved it was not something far more dire.

Tilda looked up at her glass wares. She picked out a large globe with an iridescent exterior. Using a tool tipped with a crystal that glowed blue, she scratched out two circles. When she hit the glass firmly with a hammer, it resisted breaking. She took down a bronze hammer with runes engraved on it, and tapped the bottle again. Two circles of glass popped out.

She handed them to the lad. “Take good care of these. See that they’re fashioned into a pair of goggles.” He held them up and looked out through them in wonder.

The use of alembics and crucibles, the esoteric preparations and distillations, the healing salves and sleeping draughts, the poisons as well as the antidotes, that knowledge would all come to Flaco, in time. But, long before he mastered acid, he learned how to master glass.

The scroll said no more, there are no other accounts of this person’s visit to our land.

Ananias Logo

Thanks to Manda Carlson (a.k.a. Talzhemir Mirr) for creating this awesome piece of art! I will soon be launching a new campaign to fund the creation of more pieces of art as well as completing the OST. Stay tuned!


Ananias Roguelike 1.45 – Arrow preservation and autoload

Play online, or download for Android.

  • Add a chance for arrows to be reuseable after killing an enemy or missing a shot (higher for Hunter)
  • Stash picked arrows in packs of 40
  • Auto load arrows on pickup
  • Wands may now not be spend sometimes
  • New image for Alchemist weapon
  • Show weapon descriptions
  • Prevent garbage and blood over the fountains
  • Decode sound cycle for web version
Reuse bloody arrows
Reuse bloody arrows

Ananias Roguelike 1.44 released – Use items on pet, new spells

Play online, or download for Android.

Knight in shining armor
Knight in shining armor

New Features

  • Apply Command: Use items in your pet including bandages and spells.
  • New Spells: Summon Skeletons and Liches
  • Add Block skill to Knight and some enemies
  • Make fountains have random effects
  • Add items to deadend rooms with enemies


  • Limit carry capacity to 25
  • Add strong Leather as starting armor for Archer
  • Make hunter’s bow bonus work only against Flesh enemies
  • Allow Arcane to use strong non metal armor
  • Nerf Merton sorceror
  • Reduce healing scrolls, increase bandages
  • Increase starting pet HP, enable attack for lynx and direwolf


  • Prevent issues with iOS7 private navigation mode.
  • Allow arcane to put back Black Robe
  • Fix crash with parrying enemies
  • New starting equipment for Knight
  • Tweaks on sound loading process
  • Fix displayed damage roll for bows

UI Tweaks

  • Relayout player and pet stats
  • Add support for advanced magic scrolls
  • Enhance spell descriptions