Ananias Roguelike 1.44 released – Use items on pet, new spells

Play online, or download for Android.

Knight in shining armor
Knight in shining armor

New Features

  • Apply Command: Use items in your pet including bandages and spells.
  • New Spells: Summon Skeletons and Liches
  • Add Block skill to Knight and some enemies
  • Make fountains have random effects
  • Add items to deadend rooms with enemies


  • Limit carry capacity to 25
  • Add strong Leather as starting armor for Archer
  • Make hunter’s bow bonus work only against Flesh enemies
  • Allow Arcane to use strong non metal armor
  • Nerf Merton sorceror
  • Reduce healing scrolls, increase bandages
  • Increase starting pet HP, enable attack for lynx and direwolf


  • Prevent issues with iOS7 private navigation mode.
  • Allow arcane to put back Black Robe
  • Fix crash with parrying enemies
  • New starting equipment for Knight
  • Tweaks on sound loading process
  • Fix displayed damage roll for bows

UI Tweaks

  • Relayout player and pet stats
  • Add support for advanced magic scrolls
  • Enhance spell descriptions

4 thoughts on “Ananias Roguelike 1.44 released – Use items on pet, new spells

  1. I use a Nook HD+ (essentially an Android device) and downloaded Ananias from Google play. It works fine, except I cannot get any music or sound effects. Love the game.

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