Ananias Roguelike 1.47 released, throw explosive potions and cast deadly spells on your enemies

Nobody in Cisneros knows for certain who was Ananias… some people says he was a saint who defied the gods becoming so wise and gaining so much power that they killed him to prevent other mortals from following his path. Some others says he was a wealthy lord who lived thousands of years ago and brought culture into the wildlings. All I know for certain is that there’s a place deep in the mountain, the ancient tomb of Ananias – for years people have kept it shrouded in mystery; many brave men have dared explore it, never to come back alive… and that’s the very place I am heading to right now, following vague stories written in ages-old tomes, seeking the power to defeat the evil that has came into our world.

Happy holidays, saviors of Cisneros. Here comes another version full of awesomeness for you to enjoy responsibly!

Play online, or download for Android.

Check out a gameplay vid!

  • Arcane users can now unleash destruction with 10 new offensive spells: Pyr Ran, Pyr Wos, Pyr Won, Pyr Spak, Jan Spak, Ram Jan Spak, Jan Wos, Krak Won, Krak Bom and Grav Bom. Beware, these spells may backfire for non-magic experts!
  • Additionally, non offensive spells can now be cast on other monsters (Rando Melon, Kam Mel, Ram Mox Mani and others)
  • Allow throwing potions at enemies, some of them will explode and cause damage depending on how full they are.
  • Added 8 new monsters in three new evolutionary branches for non starting monsters.
  • Big tweaks on items distribution
  • Reduced bow capacity and arrow pack size
  • Added noScale=true URL param to disable scaling for videos and screenshots

Scary Bloody Eye Throwing a potion Lighting Bolt Dangerous Spells

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