Ananias Roguelike 1.48 – Female heroes, thrown weapons and MOAR!

First version for 2015, play online or download for Android.

I have also launched a new campaign to get funds to complete the soundtrack and another required assets, check it out and contribute if you can!



  • Allow throwing weapons and other items; some weapons do more damage when thrown, some items break on impact.
  • Allow selecting female heroes, and die red the hunter’s hair.
  • Add teleport spell, you can use it on yourself or an enemy
  • Nerf Healing Enemies power
  • Add first version of the Caverns of Chaos track
  • Special savegame handling for mobile version.
  • Hide map while generating level
  • Show short level descriptions on new levels
  • Make invisible monsters show with an arrow if stuck
  • Disable player action before throwing or applying something

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