Ananias Roguelike Fellowship Edition released! (v1.53)

Great news, The Fellowship Edition has been released!


It’s great fun to play with your friends and see how they are doing! by buying this edition you also support the development so we can keep adding cool stuff, and there is even cooler stuff coming to it in the near future:

  • Creating a custom avatar and use it inside the game.
  • Seeing tombstones from your friend’s (and your own) past adventures.
  • Challenge Modes: Special modes enforcing gameplay restrictions for the hardcore players (for example: no pet, no potions, no armor…)
  • Online Competitions: Play the same dungeon layout with your friends and see who gets to the lowest level.
  • Allow saving your game in the game server to continue.
  • Sharing your results in social networks.
  • Participate in the global ranking, competing with people all around the world.

Nonetheless, I repeat: The core game will stay the same in both the Standard and the Fellowship Edition; it is the community features that enhance your experience what makes them different (and believe me, it makes a great difference!)

Version 1.53 is available!


The funding campaign is almost over (with very little money being collected 😥 ) but I WILL push forward to get thisrunning.

Maintenance is becoming harder everytime and will probably become even harder with the eventual iOS version.

I managed to get forever running with nodejs and it seems to be working ok, I also made lots of tweaks on the notifications consumption.


  • Increases enemies HP
  • Decrease armors DV

Community (Fellowship Edition)

  • Add welcome page with instructions
  • Show friend notifications ordered by time
  • Add new notified events
    • Enemy killed
    • Item picked up
    • Pet evolved, polymorphed or killed
    • Spellcasting and failure
    • Alchemy and failure
    • Armor destroyed
  • Highlight important notifications
  • Merge player and class name on graveyard
  • Timing tweaks on notifications consumption

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