Playing Ultima IX Ascension – Day 2

Day 2 – Paws and a first journey north east of Britain

I went southward into Paws and met a dumb troll wanting some gold to let me pass… he looked quite strong so yeah, I gave him 10 gold… but when I was crossing he wanted more gold! I refused and went running to the south without looking back… I got to paws and got into a house, the Troll was seemingly gone.

Paws is a miserable town build upon a deadly poisonous swamp, several islands with trashy houses connected by planks. I wandered around talking to the inhabitants, certainly most of the fine people of Britain ignores their real status or just are playing a blind eye. I MUST CORRECT THIS.

…but I wanted to continue south, Trinsic is my favorite city on Britannia, I want to see how they’re faring!

So I pulled back and continued southward, then I found another bridge with another Troll, but this one doesn’t want gold! I tried fighting him but I was being beaten… it was time to run like a brave warrior! I went east with the Troll running behind me, saw a forest but it looked dangerous so took a turn when I feel into the swamp and became poisoned… the Troll looked at my misery and went back to guard the bridge.

I got out of the swamp and had a potion to recover, then I killed a rat in the city planks, and a vulture came down to it. I would never have thought the vulture would attack me but he did, and killed me for the first time.

I reloaded my game and explored Paws again, then I decided it was time to valiantly trounce the troll, knowing in my Spirit that no other choice was possible. I killed him!

So with the troll out of the way I continued my journey to Trinsic, then I met an armored enemy who beat the crap out of me twice… I need better equipment! I decided to head back to Britain to get better weapons and armor…

But before, I explored the shoreline by paws and the forest by it. It is still night so it’s beautiful. I was exploring the forest, jumping around when I got tangled into a tree. After a lot of jumping and fiddling I could finally free myself from the evil tree, and looked the other way.

I resumed the journey to Britain, but first I took the mission of fixing the water pump in Paws so they at least don’t die… I found the new valve in a nearby cave and assembled it back. I feel like an avatar because I helped them.

Back in Britain I explored the town looking for weapons and armor, found the bowyer but decided not to spend my money on a crappy training bow, instead bought some armor and sold my spare parts, also bought a huge mace that seems to have a lower damage rating but works great so far.

Yet, I don’t feel confident to get through to Trinsic, so I decided to proceed into the first quest assigned to me by Lord British: going to the dungeon north of Britain.

I left Britain through the east gate and journeyed north, I met the girl in charge of the Shrine of Compassion and tried to find it when I met what I think was a wisp, it lead me into a cave with mild treasure. I then went into a nearby lighthouse where the keeper wants me to fix some domestic stuff with the other lighthouses and ships crashing… I might get to it if I have some time after dealing with the major issues affecting Britannia. However I found a sextant in the lighthouse, should be handy 🙂

I pulled back en route to the dungeon when I met a talking statue: turns out Shamino was trapped on the ethereal void while investigating the nature of the Guardian, he can’t talk much but promises to come back with more info.

I continue traveling north where I find myself in a creepy storm! it’s still night and I can barely see a thing. I seek refuge in a cave in. It seems like the most wise thing would be doing this journey by day. So I head back to Lord British’s Castle to take a nap into the morning (I also need to recover my hitpoints, I hope he can still do that).

In the way to Britain I stumble into a house which seems to be Iolo’s (or Gwenno’s?). I will know soon!

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