Ananias Roguelike 1.52 released, contribute to the campaign!

The funding campaign is almost over but it can still happen! contribute to help us finish the game! Don’t miss the chance to get yourself into the game as a dreaded knight of darkness 😉

We have a new awesome website, check it out!

New Website
New Website

Version 1.52 can be played online; we are doing some tests on the Android version to ensure it works well along the Fellowship version (and that the Fellowship version itself works ok).

New Caverns of Chaos
New Caverns of Chaos


  • Remove depth bonus generation for items
  • Decrease chances of armor and spells generation
  • Nerf armor integrity

Community (Fellowship Version)

  • In-Game notifications: Seen when your friends are playing along with you.
  • Friends Graveyard
  • Global Graveyard
  • Personal Graveyard (Saved online)
  • Login
  • Signup
  • Add Friend
  • Autologin


  • Include new test tiles for caverns and tombs

User Interface

  • Change font colors
  • Relayout title screens


  • Moved web version to
  • Created web backend in nodejs to support Fellowship Version features.
  • Set up Fellowship version on cocoonjs
  • Set up Fellowship version on google play

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