Ananias 1.67 – More stable!

Two critical crash bugs were introduced on v1.66 due to two new features: Smarter pets which won’t get in your way for ranged attacks, and fish adornments for the underground lagoon. Had to release quicker than expected in order to fix these, sorry about that.

Level generation has also been reworked and should be much lighter now, which may help the game work better on low end devices.

Assorted News:

  • The campaign to fund cool new features has stalled…. please share it to make it happen!
  • iOS version is still on testflight, I think I’ll release along with the Steam release so it might take a bit but it’ll be much better.


The cave leading to the entrance of the crypts
The cave leading to the entrance of the crypts

Get the new version!


  • Make first level a cave
  • Auto select target when using items on ground


  • Optimize level generation time greatly!
  • Remove autosave on cocoon


  • Crash when pet wont get on the way of a ranged attack but has nowhere to go
  • 2 Crashes for fish adornments on Lagoon
  • Status not updated immediately on HUD
  • Friend count on title screen not being refreshed after adding
  • Player stats not being refreshed on level up
  • Throw button hidden after unsuccessful throw
  • Prevent using items when dead by double clicking

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