Ananias 1.68 – Monsters assaulting rooms – 2015 ARRP

Just in time for 2015 AARP… new version is on and is a great game changer! rooms are no longer safe as monsters will now follow you or assault you from other rooms if you make a lot of noise! There’s also a bunch of new spells including panic and charm, and effects on all enemies in the room.

Take a look! Current version is only available online, will be deployed soon on Android and Desktop.

fearMyPower panick


  • Make monsters notice the player based on the noise he makes and chase him from other rooms.
  • Dungeon Sound: Alert nearby monsters when parrying or blocking.
  • Dungeon Sound: Make explosion spells generate a lot of noise alerting enemies in all the dungeon.
  • Add spells to cause blindness, panic, confusion and charm to one or all enemies.
  • Add spells to detect items and monsters in all the level,
  • Panic: Some enemies will flee from player (and into other rooms) when low on HP or under the influence of fear spells.
  • Player Panic: Fear skill may cause you to lose control and try to flee in panic.
  • Make some monster inmune to blindness (no eyes).
  • Make some monsters yell to call for nearby support.
  • Telepathy skill for monsters: Allows feeling the presence of the player and chasing him.
  • Make friendly monsters follow player on safe rooms.
  • Changes on ranged attacks AI to retreat into attacking range.

User Experience

  • Added different languages and make enemies yell when attacking or fleeing
  • Remove music from first level
  • Animation for floating enemies
  • Don’t unequip ranged weapon if spent to allow quicker reloading
  • Fix status ailments cluttering the inventory panel


  • Save statues collection on online account
  • Sort monster sprites by depth.

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