Ananias 1.69 – ChibiUI for Mobile!

At long last, this new version implements huge changes on the UX for mobile devices. It’s now much easier and fun to play, take a look!

Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-19-18 Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-19-27 Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-19-50 Screenshot_2015-10-17-22-20-11

User Experience

  • ChibiUI: A complete new user interface optimized for mobile devices
  • Add random tips on Help screen
  • Add overlays to buttons
  • (1.68.3) Add life bars


  • Prevent warping when panicked
  • (1.68.3) Make enemies fly lower and center their sprites
  • (1.68.3) Prevent critical issue with Parry and Block enemy skills crashing the app
  • (1.68.3) Allow using targetted items when only friendlies in room (from ground and inventory)
  • (1.68.3) Prevent duplicate end of turn when brewing potions

No release for Desktop now, iOS still pending. Development continues, someday I’ll manage to hit the humble store and steam. The time hasn’t come yet, the game must be more complete!

3 thoughts on “Ananias 1.69 – ChibiUI for Mobile!

  1. Durante las ultimas 3 semanas he estado revisando el contenido de tu blog y tus archivos de codigo. I am really impressed with your work and would be interested in communicating with you further in regards to starting some form of communication, as I am a new developer (though I’m quite a bit older than the average novice developer). Si tienes tiempo, interes, o cualquier consejo, me harias el favor de comunicarme a mi email?

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