Ananias 1.70 released

It’s been more than 2 months since last version, I’ve been REALLY busy but finally managed to scrap some time. The new version is HOT, read below for details!

Play now!

New Magic System!

There are 41 spells distributed in 4 schools of magic with 8 circles of power each. You player class determines the maximum circle of power you can reach for each school.

Powerful Magic

In order to cast spells you need to spend your Magic Points, your class determines your starting MP and you can extend them within the game as a stat upgrade. Ethyl and Methyl potions allow recovering MP. You also recover half your spent MP on level up.


Every time you level up you can either learn a new spell (from your current circle or power or the next one) or get a stat upgrade.

Learning Spells
Learning Spells

The wiki has been updated with the list of spells.

New equipment class: Headgear!

You can now equip helmets, hats and other kinds of headgear.

Headgear protects you from Head, Neck and Face hits which can be lethal. It can also enhance your stats or provide special effects like scaring your enemies or protecting you from diseases.

You can also wear it just to look cool in the dungeon.

New User Experience: Tablet

For Android (and iOS, in the future), you can now pick between the phone optimised version (a.k.a. the Chibi UI) or the more complete tablet experience which includes the map and the inspector. I prefer the Chibi one, but now you can choose 🙂

Ananias in a Phone
Ananias in a Phone
Ananias in a Tablet
Ananias in a Tablet


  • Generate potions in the map
  • Add weakness vs light and darkness for some monsters
  • Allow selecting an upgrade on first level
  • Increase initial carry to 19
  • Prevent warping when panicked

User Experience

  • Show game messages inside the game window (useful specially for Phone UI)
  • Request full screen on web version


  • Issues with music loading/decoding and cache handling
  • Issues with game level vs player level consistency
  • Add back music to silent level 1
  • Fix beard and head sprite handling
  • Fix issue with clicking behind Help panel and others
  • Prevent friendlies from using their skills against the player
  • Fix angelus potion
  • ChibiUI Adjust Promo Panel
  • Restore lifebar status on load game
  • Adjust columns on graveyard

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