Ultima Castle Generator – Day 2

Advanced a bit more in the Ultima Castle Generator for the ProceduralGeneration reddit monthly challenge # 2.

The generator now generates a high level structure, based on the rules I derived from observation of the maps.

For now, and hoping to finish in time for the challenge, only the first floor of the castle will be generated.

You can check the source code or play around with the generator online.

Next step is going one level further to subdivide the map into areas based on the generated structure.

Here is an example result:

  "general": {
    "size": "big"
  "surroundings": {
    "hasMoat": true
  "towers": {
    "size": 5,
    "crossWindows": false,
    "circle": false,
    "verticalConnections": false,
    "horizontalConnections": "bottom",
    "connectionCorridors": {
      "type": "halls",
      "hallDecoration": {
        "torches": true,
        "plants": true,
        "columns": false,
        "fountains": false
      "hallWidth": 3
  "central": {
    "type": "mainHall",
    "hasSpecialFloor": true,
    "centralFeature": "fountain",
    "hasFireplace": true,
    "width": 15,
    "height": 14,
    "shape": "cross"
  "entrances": {
    "northExit": {
      "hasFloor": false,
      "hasCrossWindows": true,
      "lighting": "torches",
      "hasBanners": false
    "southExit": {
      "hasFloor": true,
      "hasCrossWindows": true,
      "lighting": "torches",
      "hasBanners": false
  "rooms": [
      "type": "throneRoom",
      "hasCarpet": true,
      "linedWithColumns": false,
      "linedWithTorches": true,
      "hasSecondaryThrone": false,
      "hasMagicOrb": true
      "type": "lordQuarters",
      "piano": false,
      "clock": true,
      "bookshelf": false,
      "fireplace": true
      "type": "livingQuarters",
      "freeSpace": 0
      "type": "diningRoom",
      "luxury": 2,
      "fireplace": true
      "type": "kitchen",
      "filled": 4,
      "barrels": 2,
      "boxes": 2,
      "hasOven": true

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