SPID2 – War of the Crystals


I will be posting SPIDs (Slashie’s Project Idea Drafts) in the blog, they will be short ideas for games or other projects I may or may not develop into full projects. May be someone will be inspired by them and save me the trouble of developing them.

A simple RTS in the world of Final Fantasy IV.

Players would choose a kingdom, which determines their starting settlements, units as well as access to special units. The map is randomly generated every time, similar to the FF4 Overworld. Players win by conquering all the castles.

Players starts with 2 workers and a soldier unit, as well as a castle and 2 towns or villages. Units are created in the towns, and consume gold which is obtained by mining caves. Villages create units slower than towns.

Towns and villages cannot be created but they can be conquered.

Basic Units

  • Worker: Mines Gold
  • Soldiers: Attack 2
  • Archers: Attack 1, Range 2
  • Chocobo Riders: Speed 2, Attack 2
  • Knights: Speed 2, Attack 3
  • Ships: Attack 5, Move in the Sea

The Kingdoms



  • Castle Baron
  • Town of Baron
  • Village of Mist
  • Special Unit: Red Wings Airship: Siege Damage x 2, Flies between towns



  • Damcyan Castle
  • Town of Kaipo
  • A village
  • Starts with 4 workers



  • Fabul Castle
  • Town of Fabul
  • A village
  • Special Unit: Monks: Attack 3



  • Tower of Mysidia
  • Two Villages
  • Special Unit: Wizard: Attack 2, Can Heal other units



  • Castle Troia
  • Town of Troia
  • A Village
  • Special Unit: Epopt Ruler: Increases Attack of surrounding units

Dwarvish Kingdom


  • Dwarven Castle
  • Town of Agart
  • Town of Tomra
  • Special Unit: Dwarven Miner: Obtains gold more quickly



  • Castle Eblan
  • Eblan Town
  • A village
  • Special Unit: Ninja: Attack 3, Speed 2. Hides in forests



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