PokemonRL 7drl++ and continued development

Even tho I’m not completely happy with the results and lots of things could have been done better, I decided to mark PokemonRL as a “Finished” entry for the 2017 7DRL Challenge, which means it’ll get feedback from the evaluation committee and will be more visible to players.

The main reason for this is I feel it’s stable enough and I managed to implement a roguelike with a winning condition which is interesting to play. The one big thing I missed, adding all required data, makes the experience feel incomplete, but it still meets the challenge criteria.

I have released the 7drl++ version which fixes 3 critical issues:

  • Stat calculations (Specially HP which was off by about 100 HP)
  • Remove test move sets from some pokemon races
  • Prevent messages from disappearing on the text box
  • Fix amount of damage recovered by potions
  • Make starting monsters be level 5

You can check it out here

The original 7drl submission without these fixes is also accessible, of course.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 7.52.38 AM

Now that the challenge is over, I decided to continue working on it to finish my initial vision. I’m gathering data for all Gen 1 pokemon in order to load it into the game.

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