OpenArthurianX6 – Pushing dev for Milestone 1

Still not there but it’s been a lot of work. As I worked towards the goals for Milestone 1 I found quite a bit of work was needed on the dialogs and the mobs AI.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 10.20.31 PM


  • “The Law of Virtue” scenario
    • New test map (Forest clearing)
    • Cutscenes
    • Asteroth conversation
    • Shamino conversation
  • Scenario setup
    • Read starting map, starting time of day and starting player position from Scenario Info
    • Allow placing NPCs and Mobs on the tiled map
  • Added support for simple “Cutscenes”, that is sequences of text dialogs to tell the story.
  • Dialogs
    • Support multiple fragments of dialog per keyword
    • Add variants per keyword based on player flags
    • Add support for “triggers” executed inside the conversation
    • Add triggers to join the party, end conversation and set player flag
    • Fall back to “unknown” dialog if no match on variant
    • Merge triggers into the dialog as objects so they happen sequentially
    • Add support for dialog qualifiers (in addition to normal dialog lines)
      • Dialog interruption: for other NPCs to participate in.
      • Event: For event descriptions
    • Add support for keyword synonyms
    • Allow NPCs to start a dialog when getting closer
  • AI
    • Make friendly mobs act differently than party members
    • Make unfriendly NPCs have a minimum range before chasing
    • Implement intents for mobs
      • seekPlayer: Do nothing waiting for the player to be on sight
      • waitCommand: Do nothing.
    • Implement subintent logic based on intent.
    • Use direct LOS to define if can track player.
  • Combat
    • Speed up combat
  •  Art
    • Added Shamino and Soldier Mob appearances

Source Code

Funders with early source access privileges will be given access to the source code repository on request starting now!

Dev Streams!

Note that some work was done offline, of course.


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