OAX6 Source Code Released, Instructions to create a game.

The source code for OAX6 can now be checked out by campaign backers as defined in their perk level.

It is still early, but even at this stage, a simple game could be created! I hope some of them get to play around with it and come back with suggestions. Of course, as development continues it will become easier (ultimately providing editing tools for this) and more complex games will be able to be created.

The instructions have been posted at the OpenArthurian website

4 thoughts on “OAX6 Source Code Released, Instructions to create a game.

  1. I have one question to ask you. Why are you starting from scratch to do this project? I mean you are doing it the hard way. This is the website https://engine001.com/ and with this tool I was able to mimic Ultima 6 style but I scratched the project because in my project there where lots of bugs and I forgot to resume work. So I am starting asking with my project. This is a very powerful game making tool. With the game you can release it as .exe or html version. Why not write the entire project as a template using the tool and anyone can simply make new games using your template (with a proper readme file how to use the template)

    1. The way Ultima VI works internally makes it difficult to adapt other engines to use it. We want to have full control so that we can achieve 100% what we want and don’t have to compromise things in the end. Would be interesting to see what you were able to come up with using this tool.

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