History / World Societies – Project from 2004

A project I did for the university back in 2004, worked a lot on the design aspects of it and managed to advance a bit on the implementation. It was a civ-like, with a focus on “realistic” growth models for the cities and very detailed technology trees. It was never finished, but I think I got a 5.0/5.0 score for the assignment.


The main screen where you could move your units and create settlements, the minimap worked so you could drag the viewport. Tiles were a modification of David Gervais tileset. More history on that tileset here.


The title screen, art was made by my brother. A broad scope of military technology!


The main menu, art was also made by my brother with colored pencils.


We also made some art for the city screen, it was meant to be composed based on its surrounding, and then have the city put in the middle.


Excerpts from the design doc, related to the city growth model.


Some early ideas for procedural generation, which I think could actually come in handy for my current projects.

For posterity, here are some design docs

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