Pixal – Day 246, it’s been over ten years

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time; over the past years, I’ve complained repeatedly about how I worked so much on Pixal, and then I lost the direction of the project and it all went to hell. Well, it’s about time to fix that.

Let me introduce you to Legends of Kramora: The Golden Age of Ibaran – A prequel to Wrath of Kramora (otherwise known as Ananias), this story takes place years before the great serpent arose from the underworld to destroy the world; fighters from all around the world travel to Ibaran, to compete in the tournament and gain fame and fortune.

The first task (besides making sure this beast works fine in modern infrastructure) is to remove the World Browser – It’s worth months of work, and yet the scope creep it brought killed the project around 2010. I’ll focus instead on providing fun combat and tournament mechanics, making an entire game around it.

This will take a little bit; for good or bad, the SVN history of the project was lost, so there’s no way to automatically revert the months of work that went in; instead, I have to manually restore things that I had changed already with the idea of them working in a less abstract way, tying them to “buildings” and locations inside the world that you could navigate with your Expeditions (for instance, the Colosseum was a building there, so I have to manually restore it into a list in the profile page)

In any case, I feel happy that I was able to revive this project and it didn’t take a lot of time. I’m hoping some people will still find it interesting after these years; I myself still look forward to playing a light browser-based game in the dead times of the day.

Of course, another important thing I’m doing is adding a light narrative to this and tying it to the rest of the Kramora series. I believe this is important since the original Pixal didn’t have any setting and was maybe a bit too abstract.

It’s also amusing how much of how this codebase works I am able to remember; I already had to fix a bunch of 10 years old bugs that lay dormant in the code.

A public beta version will be available soon!

Aprox. Work Time: 246 days, 727:00 (725:00 + 2:00)

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