The Kramora Times # 7, Ananias 2.4.5 released for Android!

It has been almost 5 years since the last release of Ananias.

Well, prompted by a critical situation where the Android version was completely broken due to Crosswalk no longer working in Android 10+, I decided to release a new minor version, fixing that as well as including some minor fixes that had been in the repo for years, see below for the full changelog.

  • Standard Edition
  • Fellowship Edition

In addition to removing Crosswalk and doing some tweaks around to modernize the deployment to 2022 standards, I uncovered a couple of interesting things that will be seeing the light of the day soon enough; the HD layout and the support for localization.

Also, I’ve started the work required to reestablish the iOS version, which had been down for some months. The store listing is available again but the game is crashing on start on the latest iOS versions.

v2.4.5 changelog


  • Remove crosswalk dependency from Android build.
  • Update to cordova-android 10 including updating build scripts for signing automatically.
  • Update the build process to accommodate with 2022 Google Play deployment process.


  • Prevent issue with window.prompt not available
  • Prevent playing SFX before initialization
  • Prevent bug when sorting monsters or player without sprite (dead)
  • Prevent issue with using alchemy with a single reagent using keyboard
  • Prevent issues when using items from an old version save whose Spell no longer exists.
  • Prevent friendlies from using skills outside of combat
  • Hand gifts directly if no available room space
  • Disable pet command button as soon as pet is killed to avoid invalid commands

Known issues

  • The manual is currently pointing to an online version due to an issue with the InAppBrowser loading of local pages.
  • Since the HTTPS setup for the game server is still pending, some tweaks were done to be able to connect to it via HTTP which is no longer the default or acceptable in 2022.

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