Emerald Woods 0.1.2

After almost 3 years, here is a new juicy version, hope you enjoy it!

Play online for free at https://slash.itch.io/emerald-woods

The following are the major changes:

  • Full-screen mode!
  • Fishing v1: Build a raft and paddle inside a lake to get some fish.
  • Campfires now provide light during the night.
  • Crafting UX improvements: Imagine what you will make and then build a lot of them if you want.
  • Improved immediate on-screen help: Complete relayout and addition of the critical Transform command to obtain seed from fruits, as well as the toggle between Exploration and Work modes.
  • Increase hunger recovery for all items.
  • Tweaks in animal spawning parameters.
  • Fix critical bugs with an infinite inventory.
  • Fix bugs with an empty inventory.

Share your adventures in the community and upload your videos! if there’s enough interest the new version might take less than 3 years 🙂

One thought on “Emerald Woods 0.1.2

  1. I’m curious, are you saying you’re interested in actively developing this based on the amount of feedback received, or you do you mean you’ll provide bug fix/quality of life updates based on demand?

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