JSRL, now with Graphics! + the story so far [0.0.4]

You can now create graphical (tile-based) roguelikes using JSRL. Check it out at https://github.com/slashman/jsrl which is also now set as a repo template so you can create yours more straightforwardly!

A tutorial is coming soon. The demo at http://slashie.net/jsrl was also updated to the GFX version.

The character-based display is (and will forever be) still supported. OF COURSE.

A Timeline

I also took some time to dive into the history of the project and back-version it (for no helpful reason other than history), so here goes a timeline of JSRL

  • March 2013 – Rodney is released for the 7DRL Challenge. The demo of the unicodetiles lib by tapio000 was super cool, so I created a traditional roguelike game using it.
  • March 2017 – During the development of my 7DRL, PokemonRL, I decided to create a JSBoilerRL “a template project other people will be able to use to create their roguelikes in JS. It’s powered by unicodetiles.js producing similar output as my 2013 7drl, Rodney.”
  • November 2017 – The initial version of JSRL (0.0.1) is released as a standalone project (since it had only lived as part of the PokemonRL repository) and is immediately used for Rogue Program.
  • August 2018 – An attempt to create a trailer for Roguelike Celebration 2018 using JSRL is made, but was deemed not to be cinematic enough.
  • March 2020 – JSRL is used as a foundation for Emerald Woods. No changes are backported into it.
  • October 202 – JSRL is used for the Roguenet client. No changes are backported into it.
  • March 2021 – JSRL is used for Rainy Day. JSRL v0.0.2 is released, adding support to load static maps. (backported from the development of Rainy Day)
  • March 2022 – JSRL is used for SpelunkyRL. No changes are backported into it.
  • November 19, 2022 – Version 0.0.3 featuring Electron packaging (dev pushed forward by wazoo) and viewport scaling (backported from Emerald Woods) is released
  • November 26, 2022 – Version 0.0.4 featuring tile graphics using Pixi.JS is released, in preparation for Emerald Woods’ graphical version.

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