Rogue Program – Github GameOff

(I must have posted this some weeks ago, but I’ve been a bit busy!)

Some months ago, a conversation on twitter inspired me to make a game inside a character based UI from the 80’s…. for some reason.


I decided to go ahead and try to implement the idea as an entry for the Github Game Off, whose theme for this year was “retro” (very fitting). Since github provided the location for the Roguelike Celebration (and was publicizing the jam at the event), I felt more encouraged to participate.


In Rogue Program, you are a character living inside the Alameda Video Rental System. The Rogue Program has activated and is turning the characters of the system into vicious monsters. Adventure through the different modules and menus of the system looking for clues and tools, while learning what has happened to the outside world.


I went for a P1 phosphor green monochrome 80×25 CP437 characters appearance, using a fixedsys font and unicodetiles.js. I used my JSRL boilerplate as a foundation but despite looking as a traditional roguelike, the game is more of a simple cRPG with fixed locations and plot (REXPaint by GridSageGames was a hugely helpful tool to draw the maps). I think however that it should provide a fun time and a decent challenge.


Source code is available at Github. Play now at and don’t forget to report thy feat if you manage to win 🙂

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