Emerald Woods – Small quickfix [0.2.10]

We had some players dive into the latest version and they quickly found some small but noisy bugs, so here’s a bugfix version! You can get it for free at itch.io

Here’s the changelog

  • Fix bed recipe: Set to place in the world instead of carrying
  • Fix raft recipes: Set to build on water instead of carrying.
  • Improvement: Try to place items in front when crafting and the resulting item is too heavy (instead of failing crafting)
  • Fix: Use materials around the player to build heavy stuff, which is required when crafting items that require more materials than the player can carry.
  • Fix: Row using a paddle (new craftable) while standing on a floating vehicle (new world object type).
  • Fix: Prevent axing or breaking items that have a stacked item
  • Fix: The “Building” achievable is displayed even after completing it.
  • Fix: Transformed cells like doors and gates are re-opened after loading the game.
  • Fix: Correct sickness hours based on gravity and vitality (had a wrong scale in minutes instead of hours)
  • Fix: Change capture animals’ achievement to only include small ones that can currently be captured.
  • Fix: Flooring examine description doesn’t include name of the tile
  • Fix: Item examine description displays undefined.

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