NovaMundi: Spiritual Experiences [0.40]

NovaMundi is a procedural exploration game with tactical combat in which you lead a group of indigenous warriors and explorers to traverse the vast and dangerous territories of the Andean mountains seeking to unite the Muisca populations against the first wave of Spanish invaders in the XVI century.

NovaMundi is still available on Steam Early Access! GET IT NOW (or wishlist it) if you like what you see!

v0.40 continues with the focus on sidequests which at the same time triggered some engine work. Additionally, out of nowhere, there was work in the zoomed exploration which may be significantly exploited in the future when more caverns are added.

Caverns Exploration

Out of nowhere, I decided to add a minimap to caverns exploration including markers for the units, an indicator for the camera location, clicking on the minimap to warp to that location, and uncovering the minimap as units explore it; it was a lot of work that probably won’t be fully exploited in the current version.

Additionally, made it so that the battle music overlay only activates while in combat

Procedural Generated Discoveries

Some of the sidequests we had designed required visiting a “kind” of place in the world, located nearby another place; to support that I included placing the markers in the world (for paramos and spots in the rivers), and then wiring together these places with the quests after procedural generation was done so that when you talked with the quest-giver he could give you details on the direction and distance of the place.


We worked on a bunch of sidequests (TI-5, TI-7, MQ-5, MQ-8, MQ-23), as mentioned, some of them were of a new kind, requiring you to visit places

As a new sidequest required a day counter, I added support to allow multiple of such type of quests. Some QA rounds revealed bugs in MQ-0 and MQ-4 that were also fixed.


Modified the merchant restock routines to include a limited amount of “rare” goods they can have every day; they also refer to them in their greeting.

Assorted fixes

  • Add missing journal fragments for the main quest
  • Prevent exploration music cooldown from resuming music while town music is being played.
  • Make the mission briefing text area scrollable
  • Add a visible Tunjo slot for party members.
  • Fix issues selecting units in combat (conflict with minimap)
  • Fix raiders encampment prefab restoring issue.
  • Land places on terrain when restoring the game

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