Emerald Woods – Hunter [0.2.13]

A new version of Emerald Woods, the chill no-combat solo farming roguelike where you can die, is now available!

Play for free (online/windows) at https://slash.itch.io/emerald-woods


  • Improve chances of meeting animals while exploring the wilderness (control placement in front, and retry quicker)
  • Prepopulate caverns with inactive animals
  • Ensure clues are unique
  • Reduce raft cost to 30
  • Add a knife that can be used to kill animals 😦
  • Allow leashing animals, making them follow you (if you have given them enough nuts), and adding them to the journal
  • Prompt the player for confirmation when going to sleep and will wake up starving
  • Remove waypoints when destroying campfires
  • Remove grass before placing floorings
  • Add a Settings panel and allow changing the master volume
  • Change capture small animals quest to capture ALL animals

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