EID 2021.2

Fixes some critical bugs found in 2021.1 with the transition to SERF0.29, and further improve user experience:

  • Prevent exploit to recover HP using Run command
  • Replace Luck with HP for clarity
  • Improve delay logic for better gunfight SFX
  • Replace fancy useless Miss messages with more practical numeric damage caused
  • Use bigger font by default for modern monitors.
  • Arm civilians so they can retaliate if you mistakenly hit them
  • Prevent civilians from going hostile when hit by enemies

Also includes

Download at https://github.com/slashman/elite-international-detective/releases/tag/v2021.2

Elite International Detective v2021.1 – After 10 years!

It’s been over 10 years after I last updated this game! recent playthroughs made me want to fix some stuff so here we are!

Here are the biggest changes:

  • Much smaller map size, less boring exploration
  • Fix display of map when the mission starts so it actually makes sense
  • Show weapon stats in the HUD
  • Fix issue blocking the game when the crime happened in HQ city.
  • Increase the height of city description textboxes
  • Remove unused Lethality mechanic

Bundled are also updates to serf-engine bumping it to 0.29, allowing us to have:

  • Improved Urban map generation
  • Improved targetting (remember the last enemy)

Have fun!


Elite International Detective: Day 7, VICTORY!

Mission Complete!
Mission Complete!

Victory! Managed to pull out another 7DRL success against all odds. 🙂

Download here, source code can be found here, if you want to continue developing it, just ping me

Very happy with the way it turned out, this may be the first year I am content with the results, even though I could have used one more day to provide better content for the geography and villains, and add vehicles… but it’s playable and you may even enjoy it 🙂

In Elite International Detective, you are an agent for the InterSleuth Cover Detective Network, criminals all around the world strike against the civilian population… bombings, murderers and kidnappings are daily news. When lawful ways don’t suffice, governments turn into our agency to bring an effective solution. Travel all around the world pursuing international criminals, bring the wrath of justice over them!

Urban Warfare
Urban Warfare

I must thank all people that helped out with content: konijn, Geoffrey White, Eben Howard, Oryx, burzmali and Gamer2k4. Sadly time was not enough to include all of the content you sent me, but well, it’s open source so anybody can contribute it 🙂

I should also give due credit to Jacks Midi Music, which in turns includes the original performers and sequencers for each melody used in the game.

Elite International Detective – Day 4.25


Worked on the criminal “track” generation, traveling and detective-research model, as well as moving between locations. Still a lot to do!

I think I’ll probably stick to static locations for most places, only having the criminal hideouts as random complexes (the overall mission structure is also random though, just the nodes will be static)

Approximate work time: 17:45 (14:25 + 3:00)

Contribute to Elite International Detective!

Do you like roguelikes? did you like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” back then? we are inviting people from all around the world to submit city and countries data, and help Elite International Detective become a fun game and a real challenge to your geopolitics knowledge.

You can submit your data from these online forms:

If you have any questions, please email me! java.koder@gmail.com

Elite International Detective – Day 4

It used to be here...
It used to be here...

Day 4, we are past half the challenge… not much to show tonight since it was mostly backend work, setting the foundations for the traveling system. However I furnished the detectives office a bit and created a simple location for the airport.

What is more important, I have a clear enough vision on how I want the game to work, which was worrying me since I felt I was stalling badly!

Approximate work time: 14:45 (12:25 + 2:20)

Elite International Detective – Day 1

At the Boss Office
At the Boss Office

First day is gone! You can run around your office and bump friend detectives, not much more- but the basics are there 🙂

I am using serf engine; making this the third game to be powered by it. It lacks so many things yet it has proven to be useful again.

Unlike previous years, I am aiming for completeness and fun. I think I’m on the right path even though I hesitated a lot at first about it.

Approximate work time: 4:20