Elite International Detective: Day 7, VICTORY!

Mission Complete!
Mission Complete!

Victory! Managed to pull out another 7DRL success against all odds. 🙂

Download here, source code can be found here, if you want to continue developing it, just ping me

Very happy with the way it turned out, this may be the first year I am content with the results, even though I could have used one more day to provide better content for the geography and villains, and add vehicles… but it’s playable and you may even enjoy it 🙂

In Elite International Detective, you are an agent for the InterSleuth Cover Detective Network, criminals all around the world strike against the civilian population… bombings, murderers and kidnappings are daily news. When lawful ways don’t suffice, governments turn into our agency to bring an effective solution. Travel all around the world pursuing international criminals, bring the wrath of justice over them!

Urban Warfare
Urban Warfare

I must thank all people that helped out with content: konijn, Geoffrey White, Eben Howard, Oryx, burzmali and Gamer2k4. Sadly time was not enough to include all of the content you sent me, but well, it’s open source so anybody can contribute it 🙂

I should also give due credit to Jacks Midi Music, which in turns includes the original performers and sequencers for each melody used in the game.

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