2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 7. Ruler v0.1 released!

Ok, it’s finally done, it works! Download here

Ruler 7DRL
Ruler 7DRL

As usual, I forgot whatever lessons learned from last year and yet again tried to do something too big, I’m glad I could at least get a portion of what I wanted!

There’s no manual yet, but this should serve as an introduction:

In RULER, you are the ruler of one of seven tribes which destiny is to become civilizations, your goal is to make your people extend all along the land, and discover the marvels of science and technology…

Be careful though, because you can only count with your life and your loyal servants. If you die, you will never know what will happen to your civilization!

  • Find a good place for your first 2 settlements, you want a place with food around (grassland, oceans and rivers are good places). You will watch your cities grow in time!
  • Travel around looking for barbarian settlements to claim for you. Be careful not to run out of supplies! you can always go to one of your cities and refill.
  • Influence your cities so that Tinkers are born and tech production starts
  • Create units in your cities and Enlist them into your group, so that you can keep conquering and expanding!
  • If you can’t create units, it may be because you don’t have enough resources! you can try trading resources from one settlement to another. Create a caravan (needs trader specialists) and load resources from a settlement, travel to the destination settlement and establish a trade route to exchange resources!
  • Create sea unit and add them to your group to travel the seas!
  • Create workers and build roads between your cities

Invested a lot of time trying to get a working Civilization AI, in the end… it works, but it’s not guaranteed to live for long :), I also added units from Stone to Future Age, and 7 civilizations.

I will release the source code, just in case anybody wants to contribute!

Congratulations to all the 7DRL Winners!

Aprox Work Time: 33:30 (25:30 + 8:00)

2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 6. Unit creation and trade

Download the current version

Aprox Work Time: 15:30 (12:30 + 3:00)

Units can now be created at cities and added to unit groups. They need available resources from the city in order to be created. Such resources are captured from the surroundings of the city.

Caravan units can trade 1 resource of one city for 1 resource of other city, so that you can bring the horses to that far away land.

You can also influence your cities in order for them to grow the specialists you need for those cool units.

Time is running out, (I advanced one hour less than expected, and invested about 2:00 more). I guess it’s time to cut the scope again!

Aprox Work Time: 19:30 (15:30 + 4:00)

2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 5, grow and multiply

Settlements now grow over time and collect resources from their surroundings, they also train specialists; units also level up now.

First available version! Download for testing purposes from here !

The cities
The cities

The end comes near… I’ve started cutting unneeded scope. For some minutes today, I thought I had lost control of the project and the scope was too big again… but I regained hope some minutes later, it can be done!

Aprox Work Time: 15:30 (12:30 + 3:00)

2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 4, killing the barbarians (or being killed)

Combat has been added (although the enemy AI doesn’t attack… yet… but it can counter attack!

Combat (Click to enlarge)

You can also select your leading unit.

Combat System works like this:

  • One Unit group fights another unit group
  • The front unit attacks the best defense unit of the other army
  • The fight has a number of rounds, based on the higher attack speed of both units
  • In each round, the attack and defense rolls are done. The loser unit has an 80% chance of losing 1 HP
  • If the defending unit has higher attack speed than the attacking unit, it counter attacks for the remaining turns
  • In each round, the winner unit has an 10% chance of becoming veteran
  • If HP is zero, the unit is destroyed

Serf has been pretty useful to get this far, but I’m still behind schedule… I will have to plan something tomorrow!

Aprox Work Time: 12:30 (9:30 + 3:00)