2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 6. Unit creation and trade

Download the current version

Aprox Work Time: 15:30 (12:30 + 3:00)

Units can now be created at cities and added to unit groups. They need available resources from the city in order to be created. Such resources are captured from the surroundings of the city.

Caravan units can trade 1 resource of one city for 1 resource of other city, so that you can bring the horses to that far away land.

You can also influence your cities in order for them to grow the specialists you need for those cool units.

Time is running out, (I advanced one hour less than expected, and invested about 2:00 more). I guess it’s time to cut the scope again!

Aprox Work Time: 19:30 (15:30 + 4:00)

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