2010 7DRL Challenge – Day 4, killing the barbarians (or being killed)

Combat has been added (although the enemy AI doesn’t attack… yet… but it can counter attack!

Combat (Click to enlarge)

You can also select your leading unit.

Combat System works like this:

  • One Unit group fights another unit group
  • The front unit attacks the best defense unit of the other army
  • The fight has a number of rounds, based on the higher attack speed of both units
  • In each round, the attack and defense rolls are done. The loser unit has an 80% chance of losing 1 HP
  • If the defending unit has higher attack speed than the attacking unit, it counter attacks for the remaining turns
  • In each round, the winner unit has an 10% chance of becoming veteran
  • If HP is zero, the unit is destroyed

Serf has been pretty useful to get this far, but I’m still behind schedule… I will have to plan something tomorrow!

Aprox Work Time: 12:30 (9:30 + 3:00)

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