Pixal: Day 51


  • Added “Return to Profile” link to all forms
  • Internationalized item categories
  • Fixed integrity bug for new user without picture
  • Linked owners’ profile to fighter screen
  • Linked Latest Fights to fighter screen
  • Linked Latest Fighters to fighter screen
  • Implemented pixellation filter for profile pictures


Pixallated Lali
Pixallated Lali


  • Implement Resize Filter
  • Add Images to item categories
  • Fix “first attack not reducing action points” bug
  • Internationalize News
  • Change “My profile” texts for “My pixal”
  • Add welcome message on user signup
  • Change “Request Link” for “Add as friend” amongst many other texts

Aprox. Work Time: 153:30 (149:30 + 4:00)
Source Files: 115
LOC: 12155
SLOC-L: 5598
Database Tables: 26

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