LUCK 3.0, Day 3 of 1

Ok, I must confess I am obsessed.

This is intended to be the final version, I dont think I can manage to get something more into it!

For this version I added:

  • Move using directional keys
  • Added Enemies: They chase you down and quickly reduce your oxygen!
  • Enemies are quicker as you go into the dungeon.
  • Combat against enemies, you can choose to run or face them in deadly hand to flipper combat!
  • Enemies don’t run into walls
  • Press space after you win or lose so you can see your results (really!)
  • Fixed bug on random generation (wasnt working for new levels)


LUCK 3.0, Source Code Included
LUCK 3.0, Source Code Included

So far, LUCK is a <1KBRL With the following features

  • Move using the directional keys
  • Pick up at least 10 relics through the 20 dungeon floors
  • Your oxygen drops steadly, your time is limited
  • Line of Sight, risk exploring the dungeon for the relics or descending for better LUCK
  • Random Level Generation
  • Themed Levels
  • Combat hand to hand with progressively harder enemies

Download Executables and Source

The 1023 bytes Java source code follows

import sz.csi.jcurses.*;class D{int a,b,c,d,k,l,o,p,q,w,v,r,
i,e=600,f,h;boolean m[][];int r(){return(int)(Math.random()*
17+1);}int[]s=new int[]{0,0,-1,1,-1,1,0,0};void a(int x,int
y,char h){j.print(x,y,Math.abs(a-x)+Math.abs(b-y)<7?h:' ',1+
v%13);}public static void main(String[]p){new D();}D(){
j.cls();for(;;){if(q==a&w==b){m=new boolean[20][20];for(i=0;
while(c++<19)a(c,d,m[c][d]?'#':'.');}j.print(2,22,"LCK L"+v+
"E"+e+"R"+r+" ",7);j.print(a,b,"@",12);a(q,w,'>');a(o,p,'%'
b+c==l){if(r()>8){k=r();l=r();}}else if(!m[a+d][b+c]){a+=d;b
+h==b)e-=5;else if(e%(5-(int)(v/4.5d))==0&!m[k+f][l+h]){k+=f
j.waitKey(40);}JCursesConsoleInterface j=new


Aprox. Work Time: 10:00 (6:00+4:00)
Source Files: 1
LOC: 1
SLOC-L: 15

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