Pixal: Day 96

So, I decided to continue working on 0.0.5 after releasing 0.0.4a!

I am more than halfway to the release, which means it will probably take place tomorrow.


- 0000155: [Request for Enhancement] Add combat effects for gloves
- 0000156: [Request for Enhancement] Add a to-hit % to weapons
- 0000214: [Task] Defender techs must not be used more than once in a fight
- 0000161: [Request for Enhancement] Always attack in the order you picked your tech cards
- 0000205: [Task] Change base damage and defense for fixed values


Lucky Luck
Lucky Luck


Aprox. Work Time: 274:00 (271:00+3:00)
Source Files: 162
LOC: 19016
SLOC-L: 8948
Database Tables: 36

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