Pixal: Days 95, 96. Version 0.0.4a Released!

A new bugfixing version is available: http://slashie.net/pixal


- 0000212: [Bug Report] Técnicas de ataque permanecen seleccionadas
- 0000187: [Task] Add inter-exclusive item categories
- 0000190: [Bug Report] Glitch on battle outcome animation
- 0000206: [Bug Report] Remove duplicate IP on last login
- 0000191: [Bug Report] Pixal box not showing full attack and defense on fight outcome and pick pixal for duel
- 0000204: [Request for Enhancement] Show selling value of currently equipped item


Selling Value of equiped items
Selling Value of equiped items


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Aprox. Work Time: 271:00 (265:00+6:00)
Source Files: 161 (14 from BirdMansion)
LOC: 18848 (1805 from BirdMansion)
SLOC-L: 8863 (1027 from BirdMansion)
Database Tables: 36

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