Pixal: Day 99, version 0.0.6 released!


Took longer than I thought, here goes!


Pixal 0.0.6
Pixal 0.0.6


- 0000109: [Task] Calculate shown time based on user timezone
- 0000209: [Task] Email notifications
- 0000151: [Task] Send email when somebody posts a message for you
- 0000211: [Task] Add homepage posts manager
- 0000213: [Task] Add flag and redirect for mantainance mode
- 0000216: [Bug Report] Recover password always asks for password
- 0000192: [Request for Enhancement] Add "buy item" confirmation


Aprox. Work Time: 290:00 (283:00+7:00)
Source Files: 164
LOC: 19752
SLOC-L: 9332
Database Tables: 38

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