Pixal: Day 100! Version 0.0.6a released

Wow, it is been 100 development days (more or less…)!

I guess a bugfixes version is not a very spectacular way of conmemorating, but here it goes, better everytime (hopefully :))

Check it out at http://slashie.net/pixal


- 0000228: [Bug Report] Pixal Clock is not synched with tournament prizes
- 0000233: [Bug Report] exception en la barra de direcciones
- 0000227: [Bug Report] No tech prizes being generated
- 0000237: [Bug Report] Javascript error for buy confirm window for items with ' on their names
- 0000238: [Bug Report] Base Attack and Defense are not being increased correctly on level up


Aprox. Work Time: 291:30 (290:00+1:30)
Source Files: 164
LOC: 19778
SLOC-L: 9349
Database Tables: 38

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