SWORE+Expedition: Day 1

Well, well.

Today I could invest a lot of time into the project, it’s a great start!

Against all odds, I succeeded at disassembling the source of CvRL 1.26, extracting and generalizing all of the useful. There is a long road to travel, but it is working, the SWORE engine is up and running, powered up by libjcsi and backing up a proof of concept implementation of “Expedition”

So yeah, what is Expedition, if it’s not my 7DRL project for 2009! Details will be slowly unveiled, day by day.


Day 1, Walk on the Map, SWORE running, 11:00
Day 1, Walk on the Map, SWORE running, 11:00

To do

  • Begin implementation of the domain model and UI for Expedition
  • Perform any needed adjustments on SWORE

Expedition Stats

Aprox. Work Time: 3:00
Source Files: 19
LOC: 1183
SLOC-L: 573


Aprox. Work Time: 8:00
Source Files: 58
LOC: 6272
SLOC-L: 3256

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