SWORE+Expedition: The 7DRL Challenge Begins!

So, you thought I’d never work on a roguelike again?

It is my duty to respond the yearly call, the event which ties together the roguelike community and attracts more people to the world of the roguelike every year. Ladies and Gentlemen (Ladies? ha!), the 7DRL Challenge 2009 is on.


I decided to tackle the challenge in a different fashion this year; instead of taking one of the existing projects and hacking the new features and user interface changes (yep, that’s the way I did the 7DRL versions of Drash, Metroid, Zelda and Megaman), I have decided to produce a general roguelike engine, which will allow a much easier creation of future roguelikes. This will also allow me to exhibit the source with great pride 😛 (yep, I think it will be open source)

But what, what do you say? Do you think I am walking the thin line of utter failure? I am concentrating on the basics and the useful, nothing fancy. The engine (codenamed SWORE) will allow you to develop a Java roguelike by specializing the domain objects and defining the actions (that’s been my dream since long). It has been tried before, and it has ended in a puff of useless interfaceware; this time the engine will support the basics of user interface and world creation, thus being much more useful than just an infinite queue; I hope to suceed with all the gathered experience, only time will tell! 😀

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