Pixal: Day 177

Almost there!


- 0000779: [Task] Lose tournament ranks if fight lost
- 0000746: [Task] Tournament pixals can only be attacked inside the tournament
- 0000752: [Request for Enhancement] Enhance description of Magic Shield
- 0000760: [Request for Enhancement] Enhance tech descriptions
- 0000764: [Exploit] Reduce lower level skills cost
- 0000766: [Bug Report] Steal Tech and Steal Energy use the same graphics
- 0000772: [Bug Report] Fireball still bugged
- 0000775: [Bug Report] Soft modifier seems to be lost
- 0000776: [Bug Report] Parry not working properly (slash)


Aprox. Work Time: 538:00 (534:00 + 4:00)

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