Pixal: Day 178, version 0.0.14 released

A new version is available! following a list of the outstanding features

* Two handed weapons now available
* Two weapons combat now possible
* Losing a tournament fight now will lower your rank
* Tournament pixals can only be attacked inside the tournament
* Heavy armor now yields evade penalty
* Additional round to untie tied fights
* Additional round for ranged combat
* Pixal stats and stat customization
* Bleeding damage
* PNG transparency bug on Internet Exploder 6 fixed
* Added “Buff” and “Adispiscus Valens” techs


- 0000780: [Bug Report] Error trying to increase stat on setuppixal page
- 0000781: [Bug Report] Spanish messages are outdated
- 0000758: [Task] Add credits page


Aprox. Work Time: 541:00 (538:00 + 3:00)

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