Pixal: Days 179 – 184, work on 0.0.14a


- 0000788: [Bug Report] Reply button shows even when you are not logged in
- 0000787: [Request for Enhancement] * TOOLTIP: add a tooltip to the plus sign to say what effect that stat has
- 0000786: [Exploit] * Can suck gold of an oponnet with the rank loss feature
- 0000785: [Request for Enhancement] Tied tournaments must not cause rank loss
- 0000763: [Exploit] Crowd payment exploit
- 0000743: [Task] Allow message deletion
- 0000822: [Task] Add pixal image for all notifications
- 0000735: [Task] Fix all email templates, add the pixal from whom the action came instead of a generic pixal
- 0000645: [Task] Fight notification must have a link to the fight outcome
- 0000644: [Task] Message sent notification must include link to thread
- 0000664: [Request for Enhancement] You might want to open up the "browse pixals" options to levels > 9
- 0000725: [Request for Enhancement] Change message when cant perform tech due to AP costs
- 0000379: [Request for Enhancement] Enhance Aim Message

Aprox. Work Time: 553:00 (541:00 + 12:00)

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