Pixal: Days 208 and 209

Updated the pretty big E-R model, using MySQL Workbench 5.1. Worked out pretty find on the reverse engineering. Big time sorting out all the tables though…

Current data model
Current data model

Spent a lot of time designing the screens for expedition inventory management, had to screw the idea of inventory per expedition (too complex), went instead for backpack per Pixal.

Made an Expedition items screen (which list all of pixal backpacks), changed the setup pixal page to show all of the expedition pixals. Did all the data model changes regarding pixals backpack too.

Also did some work on the setup expedition form to allow selection of two pixals for equipment transfer.

All naked for now, time will come for prettiness

Expedition Screen
Expedition Screen
Setup Pixal
Setup Pixal
Expedition Inventory
Expedition Inventory


  • Equipment Transfer
  • Pixal item capacity restrictions
  • Expedition size restrictions
  • Expedition movement model and restrictions

Aprox. Work Time: 638:30 (626:30 + 4:00+8:00)

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