Happy 2nd Birthday Pixal!

Two years ago I embarked into the task of creating a simple browser based game, having as a target yet another facebook module in which you could create characters and buy clothing for them. Only 13 development days after beginning, I thought I was close to the first release.

One year ago the project was heading into a complete different direction, being an independent web application, deployed in a public site and a roadmap.

Now we are here, in the 209th development day of our lord. Pixal still hasn’t made a public take off, but only because the dream has grown larger and more interesting. The championship phase has been completed with all combat components stable enough, and enough content to provide entertainment for a two weeks play. Now it’s the time to create a world.

The inclusion of Denzi, an amazing pixel artist from a far away land, and Jice, a great developer from the realms of the roguelikes, have pushed forward the development of the game in ways we never thought it would. The future looks bright.

Slashie at Pixal at its second year
Slashie at Pixal at its second year
The Pixal home, at the end of the second year
The Pixal home, at the end of the second year

Thank you all, everybody who is been here reading the blog posts, submitting feedback and supporting us. This project is for your enjoyment, and I hope we can build something great together!

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