Pixal: Day 523

Ok, I’m going back to developing Pixal, after more than a month!

I am working toward v 0.0.15, which will allow the following, seemingly simple, capabilities:

  • Form an expedition using your pixals
  • Equip such expedition with axes
  • Travel inside a giant island, from a “town” to some of its forests
  • Chop down trees
  • Pick up tree logs
  • Store them back somewhere in “town”


Chopping, again
Chopping, again
Finished chopping
Finished chopping
Picking up logs
Picking up logs

I’m drawing close to it… 0.0.15 is straying too far away from 0.0.14e, thus I must release soon else all your data may be lost 🙂

Aprox. Work Time: 676:30 (671:30 + 5:00)

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