Pixal: Day 524

This is probably the last development day before a week-long trip, away from civilization.

Managed to advance a lot, only minor developments and polishment left for 0.0.15

Stumbled upon yet another Internet Exploder issue, the “supersleight” script which fixed the PNG issues is now causing the table backgrounds to render up messed up. I will have to look for an alternate solution.


Items on the map
Items on the map
Enhanced work screen, and tool validations
Enhanced work screen, and tool validations
Better lookin Expeditions screen
Better lookin Expeditions screen
Expedition Equipment
Expedition Equipment
New Pixal Equipment
New Pixal Equipment


  • Enhance appearance of all new screens (browser, work, expedition setup, expedition inventory)
  • Cant create expedition, must define a default location
  • Allow choosing main expedition for expedition transfer, validate location of expeditions
  • Require Axes for chopping
  • Auto refresh “simple job” page when a pixal finished
  • Show items on the world browser


  • Show other expeditions on the map
  • Show items info on pickup screen

Aprox. Work Time: 683:30 (676:30 + 7:00)

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