Pixal: Day 525

Expeditions show in the map now… kind of, must decide how to pick up each expedition’s icon. May be I will go for something more symbolic, or I may use a miniature version of the expedition leader, or I may display the “flag” of the expedition, or a different icon depending on the “kind” of expedition… I don’t know 🙂


Expeditions in the map
Expeditions in the map


  • Show other expeditions on the map
  • Add background sky (albeit temporary)
  • Show items info on pickup screen
  • Correct size of tiles in map (currently resizing them on the browser, and looks ugly on IE)
  • Do the test map
  • The scary transition from 0.0.14e to 0.0.15 in the public server

Aprox. Work Time: 686:00 (683:30 + 2:30)

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